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The child upon questioning by the Bureau related her story. I had phlegm, when I was in school and one day one of the teacher’s advised me to seek treatment at the Hemmathagama government hospital and was given a letter to that effect. There the doctor at the OPD checked me and advised me to go to the OPD ward. There the doctor advised me to take my blouse off as he wanted to examine me.Though I initially was embarrassed to do so, I removed my blouse, as I thought he was a doctor after all.These details have been unearthed by the Child Protection Bureau following a video received by them containing semi-naked pictures of over 15 females including some school children, and from an investigation that has been launched to check the veracity of the satements made by the suspect.The suspect was arrested by a special police unit of the Child Protection Bureau on November 29.After the Bureau identified one of the school children, an inquiry was initiated into this sordid episode.“One of the most difficult tasks for us at the beginning of the inquiry was to identify the person seen in the video.In the video the person could not be identified -- an arm was visible in the video pictures.However, he had clearly focused the camera on the faces and women’s breasts.

The video was handed over to the Bureau because several females seen in it were school children dressed in their uniforms.

Then he squeezed my breasts while holding some equipment with his other hand.

I was so embarrassed that I did not talk about the incident to anyone.

He is said to be 35 years had entered the medical field about 10 years ago and was working at the Hemmathagama hospital for the past five years.

“This video contained pictures of a person in physical contact with breasts of females, after they had been asked to remove their clothes.

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