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I just got a call from them- Sounds like they are currently running a scam by which they claim you opened an incomplete order for dish network online- Of course you never did that, but they are just looking to start the hard sale on the phone- They may not be associated with Dish Network, but this sort of call would stop me from buy a Dish Network dish- I already have Directv and now this keeps me in the DTV camp Daily multiple calls, very annoying- Caller ID says Unknown Number, but the automated message left with me or my coicemail says to call FMC at , I just called and spoke with someone to get me romoved from the automated call list- He took my city, state, and name and number, put me on hold for minutes, trasnferred me to another rep, she asked a couple basic questions, turns out it was the previous owner of the cell phone they were trying to contact- I happenned to know the new number and they happily took the new number and said they would remove me from the list- We'll see if it really happens, but I doubt they have any benefit from continuing to contact me They have been calling here for a couple of weeks- Finally answered since we have an account at PNC and they acted like wanted to talk to us about a recent mailing- We got nothing in the mail from the bank- We too are on the Do Not Call List I have repeatedly gotten calls from the phone number () - at almost any time of day- I keep ignoring the calls, but they keep calling back at some point that same day- I cannot keep track of all the times this number has called methe labor laws are up to the attorneys and courts and have been initiated by a former gent fro the company which has allegedly stolen property, clients and has posted much of the negativity online- The company is actually a great outfit which has longstanding and loyal clients throughout the USAthey treat me and said that would have me arrest by the local sheriff dept so i went to the local sheirff dept and said that there is no warrent taken out and that this company is running a scami don,t want to give any persona; ioutl out TRUST ME, You do not want to KNOW this number SCAMMERS calling from Kingston, Jamaica, Areacode is nothing but trouble (NOT TOLL FREE )DO NOT CALL BACK and unless you want to screw with them, avoid these calls, YOu will be told you have won - million dollars and a new car,we have all heard it before DUCT CLEANING SCAM: These buggars with an East Indian accent are phoning me every month- Each time, I tell them that my duct work just have been cleaned, but they are still phoning at least once a month- (even if my phone number is on the DO NOT PHONE LIST) They are either stupid or else The do not call list is a joke,it does nothing but waste your time it takes to fill it out I get more calls with my number on the list then I did before,do not waste your time because any company you ever do business with for anything will sell your numberfor the last days I have received a call from this number when I pick up I got a hang up when I tried calling back it says voice mailbox filled I have no idea why you were calling me this is an appliance repair company but I would appreciate it if you would stop calling me Will show up without donation, then claim he left it in the car, then come back up trying to feel, grab and touch w out donation then say he needs to go to the atm but can he go after the session- Beware he doesnt want to donate This number is calling me from a land line AND the internet using domestic and international calling codes, I have since blocked it- When it calls from land line, it's 'Direct Energy' and when it calls from ,it's a collection agency automated voice saying my name wrong, I don't have HAVE directed energy OR loans or a car or a mortgage or anything,total scam No call, number was included in thing that popped up as I attempted to add a new folder to my Yahoo mail:"I SEE YOU ARE A Northern Arkansas Telephone Company CUSTOMER-READ BEFORE CONTINUING-Are you concerned with your Windows computer may have potential security alerts?

Please call TOLL FREE for IMMEDIATE assistance now at , Before you close this window it is strongly advised that you call now for assistance at , Browser: Fireox IP: , Note: later received identical message, but with , Got a call from "Alice White" with a heavy Indian accent, with the same story as above- Knowing it was a scam I said I was busy and could I have a number to call back- The number she gave me was , I asked where area code was and she said Albany, NY- Area code is in New Jersey- The caller ID just said out of area Keeps calling at all times of day, and even at work, even after being asked to stop several times- If you pick up, its an automated machine- Are they even allowed to do that?

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The jerks would have to do this to a lot of people to gain anything-I've used my card at Walmart,any body else??

The bank doesn't even care, I asked to speak with someone in the fraud investigations, and all the agent told me is that she'd be happy to issue me another card- Too bad- They mustlose a lot of money, and we all end up paying Received calls from this number on my cell phone last night at :, :, and :- messages a fax trying to come in, what company faxes people that late at night- Doesn't seem to matter whether you are on the do not call list or not, seems like a bunch of crap You can report them, but most of these calls are spoofed numbers, and some of the scammers are not in the US- But it is a scam and fraud: Its ILLEGAL to ask for money to receive it-Prize Offers: You Don?

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