Racist dating site craigslist dating stories

He says, “Safety for us meant sticking within the group where we had resources and mates.

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Having a certain preference for a certain style isn’t inherently wrong.Shallowness in online dating manifests in different ways, but is mostly about appearance. The plight of bald men has been well articulated by the likes of Larry David and Louis CK.And of course, anytime we talk about appearance, race will eventually come into play.Concerns about malicious content have also popped up on Reddit, specifically regarding forums that promote racism and sexism, Ad Age reported.The company has since banned certain online communities with racist names aimed at degrading racial minorities. Net, the dating site has been banned from advertising on Reddit.“When we identify or are notified of an ad that is against our policy, we remove the ad, contact the advertiser and inform them of their specific infraction,” the spokeswoman said.

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