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Too vain to realize that I wasn’t the center of the universe. At work, I buried myself in the copywriting for the advertising firm I worked for.... Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 4.92 | Words: 3,014 | Tags: female orgasm descriptive sex pleasure excitement self-voyeurism | 11 Comments The father of the bride and a bridesmaid find their courage...Back then, I was full of projects, words, and ideas, and I never had a problem turning things out.... Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 5,968 | Tags: bodily spasms orgasm long dead images | 7 Comments The dark conceals many things I wait in darkness. I twirled in front of the mirror, excitedly admiring what I saw.Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 5,747 | Tags: older/younger cosplay oral blow job breast play other positions | 1 Comment Jack gets permission to fuck his neighbor Jack and Carol lived in a quiet neighborhood.When Ryan and Tia moved in next door ,they all became fast friends.Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 4.87 | Words: 2,157 | Tags: desire sex neighbor | 2 Comments She did more than dance on stage.I hadn’t been to a titty bar in a few years, not since the one near my house closed.Her dark nipples were hard as she took a quick shower, washed her face and brushed her teeth. Don and his best friend Rod had graduated last May and were working at the local car dealership while attending community college for car repair. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,022 | Tags: party straight young blowjob flash drunk high | 1 Comment Mike is directed to hotel room 276, where he finds an unexpected client. Ben and his brother sat in front of her, commenting on the movie.

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The locals were friendly and help me when things go wrong as they often do out in the woods. It has running water and electricity but heating is with a wood stove. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 4.75 | Words: 5,451 | Tags: milf teen cheating oral sex blowjob fucking | 2 Comments i. The kind I did back in the day, when I was too young to know or care about my limitations as an author. In between there is the exploration of each other’s body by hands and tongues; the fondling and the caressing, the kissing, the lewd gestures with fingers and mouths that cause the two of us to arrive...She woke up naked as she did every morning, got out of bed and stretched. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Words: 763 | Tags: darkness concealment | 17 Comments She had never had a man be so attentive so close to another person Ella knelt behind the couch; she was watching the horror movie with her elbows on the back of the couch.A small yawn escaped and she absentmindedly put her right hand over it. The heat from the fireplace was radiant on her back and she could feel it slowly warming her muscles.Tia wasn't able to have children, so they doted on Jack and Carol's two kids. Tia was a beautiful woman with her long dark hair, substantial breasts and narrow waist.Ryan kept himself in great shape too, by running a 5K loop...

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