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is obviously the best rom-com of all time.” And they may not be wrong. When the call went out, we heard from writers, editors, friends, moms, therapists, bartenders, people we hadn’t talked to since high school; the list goes on. We don’t have enough space here to get into exactly what makes a romantic comedy, but let’s agree that the fact it is not a tragedy or a history is not enough.

But maybe you have some reservations about the horrifyingly racist overtones in some of that movie’s scenes, even though you can’t help loving Audrey Hepburn. The initial gathering of candidates was great fun; the subsequent reaping less so. Somewhere we have to draw the line between the actual rom-coms and the coming of age movies, or mysteries, or adventures. Otherwise, you could be making a big mistake, big, huge.

In the early days, Kremen worked out of a cramped, one-bedroom apartment that he shared with two roommates. Brooks continued to redefine what rom-coms could be with this sprawling, occasionally dramatic but never self-serious, workplace comedy.It is not a truth universally acknowledged, but a single man in possession of no fortune may still be in want of a wife.Initially, Match was not actually a “matching” service.The site required users to do all of the searching and selecting themselves.

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