Rose mcgowan dating jason momoa

Pictured inside: Jason, 32, arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 10).

Ace Showbiz - Red carpet was rolled out outside Regal Cinemas L. Live on Thursday night, August 11 for the world premiere of "Conan the Barbarian".

He got back at me, and I ran out of the room crying.

I’m actually sitting here telling you this story afraid to say his name 'cause I’m worried about backlash." Cohen followed up, asking if the director had humiliated Gilbert "in a provocative way." "He had me read a scene," Gilbert said.

But the problem isn’t going away any time soon., print edition] I tend to think Lisa probably has Jason wrapped around her finger, but who knows? She’s famously eschewed the Hollywood lifestyle because she got a taste of the industry when she was young.

He was doing some kind of budget handprint ceremony, and he was playing with a giant sword for the photo op. Lisa thought she was marrying some young, hot piece that would never break out!

It was kind of sexy, seeing him play with something so big… And now she’s disappointed that everyone wants to ride The Momoa.

The tension between Jason and Lisa exploded after a recent red carpet event for Conan, when Jason got a bit too chummy with co-star Rose Mc Gowan.

“Lisa didn’t appreciate Jason kissing Rose on the lips or grabbing her butt in front of the cameras, and she especially didn’t like the way Rose clung to him,” said the source.

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