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He deserved a better end and boxing deserved a better ending. He hasn’t been a legitimate contender since his three-fight losing streak in 2004-05 against Antonio Tarver (twice) and Glen Johnson, knocked out in the final two of those fights. Tonight, in Wilmington, Delaware, Jones (64-9, 46 KO) climbs back through the ropes for the 74th time as a professional, this time facing Bobby Gunn (21-6-1, 18), a 43-year-old fighter with a curiously edited Wikipedia page, whose biggest claim to fame came from an attempt to breathe life back into bare knuckle boxing a few years ago. When Jones fights these days, people don’t show up. He cannot beat good fighters anymore — he has tried, repeatedly, and failed pretty gloriously each time.Jones fought twice last year, beating a debuting Vyrno Phillips (TKO-2) and club fighter Rodney Moore (UD-10), after an ugly fourth round knockout at the hands of Enzo Maccarinelli in 2015, in Jones’ would’ve-been adopted fight home of Moscow. Bernard Hopkins beat him in a tepid old man rematch. He had a fight in Atlanta in 2011 against Max Alexander, which was aired on internet PPV. Even mid-tier fighters with a punch like Green and Maccarinelli have been able to blast him out, which makes Gunn, who can punch if nothing else (and it’s nothing else, basically), a slight danger to Jones, even though Gunn hasn’t won a fight in a pro boxing ring since 2009, and hasn’t been in one since 2013. He tells Joseph Santoliquito at The RING that he’s “addicted to competition.” I’ve been told in the past by associates of his that Jones fights on because he believes the fans want to see him.

Antonio Barrerra, Bernard Hopkins and Manny Pacquiao...... if your reading this.....which I hope you are...... if you boxed as good as you brag about yourself you could have been someone.rant is finished.............. Pound for pound one of the bestlet's see Hopkins vs Jones 2..............could probably never happen know... I would enjoy watching the champ school Jones for twelve rounds ending it with a knock out...

There was no simple answer and with each of the defeats, eight in total since the Ruiz win, it has become even harder to explain.

Ten years ago he lost to Joe Calzaghe in New York, he then beat a couple of other men who were fighting time as urgently as he was; the whispers that Roy had found the spark returned.

He held the silver like a steaming and putrid lump of human waste, dashed it away in a corner and turned professional to get what was rightfully his.

Jones was regal in the ring, winning 34 fights before a disqualification loss left a slight blemish on his record; five months after the defeat he got revenge inside three minutes with a coldness often absent from his other wins.

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