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This group may be as large as a continent, country or group of countries; a race, religion or creed; identity, gender or sexuality; or something else (ie. Some cultures are very large; others are niche; many are somewhere in the middle …

Lemon juice contains potassium that helps the brain and nerve cells, improves concentration, memory and calms the mind.

We not only see writers talking about it (as we had done for many years before now), we’ve actually seen stories make HUGE revenue and garner critical acclaim.

Even Hollywood has got in on the action: movies like have proved mass audiences are bored with the ‘same-old, same-old’.

It includes flavonols which means enhancing attention and boosting memory. Once you can boost creativity, you can dream up the stories that make compelling novels. It’s not a secret: a balanced healthy diet helps to stay focused and productive.

The right beverages can help you improve your brain power, so get drinking the good stuff!

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    There are plenty of idyllic beaches to choose from: with countless gorgeous inlets dotted about the southern Sapphire Coast and then Byron Bay to the north, with its rugged cliffs and charming lone lighthouse it looks as though it could have be plucked straight from the pages of a novel.check out exhibitions, museums or festivals that you might not have bothered with on your own.