Sbs 2016 dhcp not updating dns

Now that the system has accepted the SBSAnswer it will continue and attempt to talk to the existing server and domain.It is at this point you may sometimes see an error stating that “The username and password are incorrect “this is a time issue where the time in the bios is wrong on the new server. If not then the system will continue to extract and install SBS 2011.This takes you from your current schema version to version 47 ( the same as server 2008 R2).The screen below appears during this, again warning you of the importance’s of taking a backup and giving you information on what it is doing such as updating the schema and raising the domain levels.We will now proceed to create an answer file for the migration to sbs 2011. Enter your details, then double check them again before saving the file to a USB key or drive. XML file it creates to the root of your USB device. Tell the system the answer file is ready (make sure your USB key is inserted) and then click next.If you see the screen below, then the system has not detected your USB key or drive.In this example, I will be migrating a production server 2003 to SBS 2011, however the process is identical if you were migrating from all previous Windows operating systems.

We need to change the profile pointers in active directory to mirror this.Make sure the USB key is not in as it will try and boot from it.Upon this reboot it will ask you to enter your license key for SBS 2011, do so. At this point I have seen the following error where it states “FATAL: Cannot DCPromo to domain”. If you save and check the logs you will see this error. (this will continue the sbs 2011 install from where it failed).The next stage is to do with an earlier message saying you have 21 days to complete certain tasks. Map a drive on the new server to the drive that holds the data on the old server.I’m going to use an xcopy command that basically takes the whole drive and moves it to the new drive.

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