Screenupdating excel performance

With the new bigger grid, this same formula is referencing over 10 million cells. Shapes: When copy and pasting data from various locations, such as websites and other applications, hidden objects can be copied into the Excel file.

These objects can cause performance issues in the spreadsheet.

If anyone has an example of VB6 being faster than VBA that we can test contact us.

Performance in both of these areas is very similar between VBA and VB6 COM Add-ins.

To determine if you have shapes in the file turn on Selection Pane.

VBA and VB6 are basically the same product and execution speed of the actual language seems to be similar.COM (Component Object Model), also known as Activex, is a powerful and flexible (and fairly safe) way for pieces of software to communicate with each other.Unfortunately its quite expensive performance wise. Excel, VBA, VB6 etc use this approach to communicate. Its at a lower level and more complex to work with, but it is dramatically faster - its called the Excel C API (Application Programming Interface).Performance issues often boil down to spreadsheets that have been around a long time and the design.Here are some of the common problem areas: Slow Opening: Opening an Excel file the first time may be slow if you have a large number of calculations.

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