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Known for ordering trainee Marines to attempt to kill him with bayonets, and then disarming them all!(Till they finally got their shit together...)January 8, 2016, Germany and a young naked model protests the new years eve sexual assaults on women!are the personification of political correctness in every way and their dogma will always take precedents over honesty, fairness, freedom and even reality and they have always passionately believe themselves to be our intellectual and morel superiors on every level and on every subject.The , have no integrity whatsoever because, like all other other "Social Justice Warriors" they espouse and demand freedom of speech, just as long as it's only their voice that is heard and will shout down all others, and like all other narcissistic zealots, even when they are wrong, when they are proven wrong and even if they know in their own hearts they are wrong, they will always rabidly claim to be in the right no matter what, and unlike other political party's who may sometimes realize and admit they have made mistakes, the I'm sorry but the idea of a deity siting at it's cosmic drafting board designing and creating life forms one after another is a concept that could only appeal to small children and adults with even smaller IQs.Perhaps God is giving us, "Tough love..." In giving us the ability to question his/hers or it's very existence, is to ultimately help us mature as a species, with the object of no longer relying or believing in him/her or it, thus achieving true enlightenment and freedom.You could say God created us to ultimately, not believe... Once magnificent and inspiring, now just tired and irrelevant, relying on it's past glory to get by, but slowly and surly falling deeper and deeper into disrepair and decay; and the management has no idea how to reverse its fortunes other than to keep trumpeting the hollow boast of how great it is... When you think about it, if someone really knows, "The Truth" about the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, Port Arthur, Sandy hook, Pulse nightclub shootings AIDS, ISIS and the Zika virus etc etc etc (or any other conspiracy theories/fantasies out there) then wouldn't you think that the real people behind the conspiracy would do something about it?At present none have been smart enough to have cottoned onto this simple fact!

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2: The unmediated, unsupervised, schizophrenic or other mental patient with access to a PC and depending on how unmediated and unsupervised they are will depend on how much these people can produce and it can be a lot!

If you are a deeply religious type, please think on this.

If you could bring back all the men who wrote all the "Holy" books throughout history, how well would they fit into our world, and how well would we fit into there's?

The main problem with religion and religious thinking and teaching is that its firmly set in 3000 years of dogmatic stone... " Thunders the Church the Mosque and Temple and God will damn you (if you use the intellect that God apparently gave you in the first place) to eternal hell fire if you dare question it!

Science and scientific thinking reasons, "It is so, until proven otherwise, so please keep thinking, exploring, theorizing and above all, questioning and challenging what is known and what is not known..." One intellectually imprisons, the other intellectually liberates.

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