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Her mother – a firm believer in education – made the unusual move of sending her to boarding school, wanting her daughter to "see what was out there" before she decided what path to take.

Holland did the same for her own two sons, Austin and Mitchell.

"Mum's not from this background and it was very hard for her to get used to," he says. Dad wanted to carry on travelling and she didn't."The family moved to a house in Cambridgeshire, Thurston went to school, and his parents later divorced.

But despite trying his hand as a mechanic and scrap dealer, he yearned to return to the fairground.

One hundred years ago, the Mart would have been packed. Against a backdrop of theme parks and advanced home entertainment, the public is no longer as enamoured with the fun fair as it once was.

But for the showmen, there is no question of giving up.

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Although he likes the social life, his mother doesn't envy him. "It used to be better because expenses weren't so high, but just the price of diesel is killing us at the moment.The fairs and events she attends are the same as those her parents worked at, and she proudly shows off photos of her mother, 60 years ago, and grandmother, 85 years ago, standing in the very same spot on this same day.And yet, like Mark Thurston, Holland had the opportunity to leave the business."I don't like being in the same place all the time," he says.So, aged 21, he bought the Scream Machine – a top-of-the-range ride that spins its shrieking cargo around and upside down at increasing speeds. It's in my blood."Showmen are not considered an ethnic group as Romany gypsies or Irish Travellers are.

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