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Even if you fast forward, you can't avoid being assaulted by it. From what I gather, AMERICA IS HAVING A GREAT INTESTINAL DISORDER CRISIS!!!

People either can't poop, poop too much, need special wipes after they poop, or need talking cartoon bears to teach us how to wipe.

"It's got spicy capicola, mortadella, oil & vinegar...""Oh my God- Sal, come look at Frankie's sandwich!!! If you live in North Texas, you'll want to take that pistol that y'all have stashed in the couch cushions and shoot the TV when that twat lets loose! I actually do have an annuity from my mother, but I know better than to cash it out.

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Also that one talking about Stinky Number Two in the bathroom. A bunch of Italian stereotypes having a mutual orgasm over a fucking sandwich! " I get it stuck in my damn head, incorrectly, of course.

"Let us fuck here in the park." ""Would you prefer that we fuck in the pool, or would you prefer to fuck out of the pool." "Let us fuck here in front of the open windows with the billowing curtains so the neighbors can watch us fuck." "Come into my house so that we may fuck."The current Dish Network campaign with that "Most Interesting Man In the World" wannabe spokesman. Anyone seen the one for Squatty Potty with the unicorn shitting what looks like rainbow colored soft serve ice cream?

That one with the fat frau waiting for the cable guy is absolutely grating. " And then the goonie blockhead male gets caught up in his fantasy and is throwing popcorn all over the room as everyone watches in faux dismay. I thought VI Poo was unbelievable but this beats it by a mile.

Bitch, if you're too fucking stupid to pronounce the word key, you shouldn't be driving.

Oh my God, the adults eating Gummi Bears and lip syncing to the voices of little kids (badly).

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