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S.; The Obamas Enter Multi-Year Deal with Netflix; Consumer Reports Raises Braking Concerns in Tesla Model 3; Gene Simmons Pitches Legal Marijuana, Plans New World Tour for Kiss. Aired: 4-5p ET • Dam Bursts in Kenya Kills At Least 44; Trump and Kim Jong-un to Meet June 12 in Singapore; Israel Responds with a Number of Missile Strikes in Syria after Iran Crossed a Red Line; Emmanuel Macron Receives Charlemagne Prize for European Unity; One Hundred and Four-Year-Old Scientist David Goodall Ends Life; Malaysia Swears in 92-Year-Old Prime Minister; Ford Suspends F-150 Production Over Parts Shortage; Rolls-Royce Unveils its First SUV; Google AI Makes Lifelike Phone Calls; White House Promises Light Touch AI Regulation.

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Aired 4-5p ET • Mueller Investigation Indictments; South Africa's New President Pushes for Economic Growth; Will the U. Aired 4-5p ET • Market Volatility for the Week Was Discussed; Unrest Between Britain and the European Union's Custom Union Continues and Speculation of their Withdrawal was Evaluated; Google's Waymo and Uber Settle Dispute; Stephen Moore; The Budget Deal Reached Overnight Following the Second Government Shut Down Was Analyzed; Reports of John Kelly's Resignation Surface Following the Rob Porter Scandal; The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics Set the Stage For Interaction Among Key World Leaders; The IOC Announces Venues for 20 Olympic Games. Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Prepares for Sate of the Union; Bezos, Buffet, Dimon take on Health Care; Cybercriminals Target Cash Points; New York's Infrastructure Under Severe Strain; Twitter to Clamp Down on Fake Followers. has Promised No Hard Border; How to Build an Igloo in a Fractured World.Aired 4-5p ET • Lagarde: Don't Hurt Trade, Oil Prices Dropped, Arsene Wenger Is Stepping Down As Arsenal's Manager, France Wants Full And Permanent Exemption From US Tariffs, South Africa's President Has Returned To The Country And Is Now Meeting With Top ANC Leaders As Protests Grow Today, The Dow Closed Off More Than 200 Points, GE In A Long Time, Gains Has Been Up All Week, Apple Down 2 percent Yesterday, Down 4 percent Today, Wells Fargo Gets A Huge Billion Dollar Fine, U. Democratic National Committee Is Suing The Trump Campaign, The Russian Government And Wiki Leaks; DJ Avicii Dead at 28; Police Defuse World War II Bomb in Central Berlin; Prince Charles Becomes New Commonwealth Head; Arsene Wenger Leaving Arsenal After 22 Years. Aired 4-5p ET • Dow Sinks As Trade War Fears Return, Mnuchin Says There Is A Potential For A Trade War; Dow Drops More Than 500 Points; Russia Calls US Sanctions Unjustified, Kostin Says to U. Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Proposes Sending Troops to Guard U.Aired 4-5p ET • Time Warner CEO Takes the Stand in Merger Lawsuit; Democrat Senators Say They will Oppose Pompeo's Nomination; Cuba's National Assembly Nominates New President; America Mourns Barbara Bush; Investigators Probe Deadly Accident on Southwest Airline. S.-Mexico Border Wall Until Wall is Built; Dutch Lawyer Sentenced in Mueller Probe; Travel Chaos in France Amid Rolling Rail Strike; Netanyahu Backtracks on Migrant Resettlement Deal; Spotify Battles Deep-Pocketed Rivals; Gene Simmons: Streaming Artists Risk Being Short-Changed; Police Say there's Been an Active Shooter at You Tube Headquarters in California; Oklahoma Teachers Strike Over Pay and Working Conditions; Carnival Cruise Line Joins Fight Against Bermuda's Ban on Same-Sex Marriage.Aired 5-6p ET • Dow Plunges 1,000 Points as Sell-Off Resumes; Carney Braces Britain for Faster Rate Hikes; U. Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Says It's a Great Time to Do Business in U. Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Makes Wave in Davos; Mnuchin Goes (Green) Back and Forth on Dollar; U. President Hints at TPP Turnaround; Australian Trade Minister Reacts to Trump's TPP Hints; Pakistan Prime Minister bothered by Trump's Aid Treats. Markets; South Africa Ruling Party Picks New Leader; Atlanta Airport Back Online After Power Failure; New "Star Wars" Film has Second-Best Opening Ever. Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's Capita; Poundland Owner Hit by Accounting Scandal; Google Removes You Tube from Amazon Devices; Wildfires Rage near Los Angeles; Ford Predicts the Future to Set Business Strategy.S.; Lagarde Says Judge Trump on Deeds Not Creeds; U. Aired 4-5p ET • Trump Team Warns of Trade War in Davos; Merkel and Macron Defend Globalization; Mnangagwa Says Zimbabwe is Open for Business; Interpol Says Cybercrime is Our Turf; Saudi Aramco CEO Sheds Light on IPO Decision. Aired 4-5 • Trump Destined for Davos After Shutdown Breakthrough; Markets at Records on Eve of World Economic Forum; World Economic Forum Calls on Leaders to Mend Fractured World; KPMG Chairman Warns of Geopolitical Dangers; IHG CEO Says We're Using Tax Break to Grow Our Business; • Schumer Reports Progress on Shutdown Talks; Merkel Plans Trip to Davos; Coke CEO Calls for a "World Without Waste"; Google Arts and Culture App Goes Viral; Delta Gets Tighter with Pets on Planes; • Apple Promises Massive Investment in U. Aired 4-5p ET • Markets Close at Records Amid Tax Plan Hopes; "Congratulations" for British Prime Minister as Brexit Advances; Europe Make Net Neutrality Offer to Tech Firms; New All-Time High for Bitcoin After Historic Week; Stellar Debut for New Star Wars Episode. Strikes Brexit Deal with European Union; Tough Losses for Bitcoin as Craze Continues; Solid Jobs Numbers Pushes Wall Street to Record; DUP Says, No "Cherry Picking" in Final Brexit Deal; EU and Japan Agree on Free Trade Deal. Aired 4-5p ET • Russia Banned from Winter Olympics; U. Government Under Pressure Over Brexit Plans; Supreme Court Hears Landmark Gay Rights Case; Air Travel Group Says Smart Luggage Could Explode on Planes; • Brexit Talks Falter at Last Minute; Dow Hits All-Time High After U. Tax Vote; "House of Cards" to End Without Spacey; Disagreement of Irish Border Stall Brexit Negotiations; Music Causing a Blue Christmas for Shoppers; • Glitch Leaves American Airlines Without Pilots for Christmas; Trump Stumps for Tax Cuts; NBC Fires Top Morning Show Host; U. Security Council Holds Crisis Meeting on North Korea; Son of Late Saudi King Released from Detention.

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