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Enjoy views of the Nehalem River, nearby mountains, forests and wildlife, the centerpiece of the Nehalem Bay Area experience.Wheeler is nestled in the hills overlooking the beautiful Nehalem Bay, Neahkanie Mountain, and the Pacific Ocean, Wheeler boasts breathtaking sunsets and rainbows.

You'll find an inviting selection of beautiful vacation rentals in Manzanita from large group luxury homes to cozy and quaint cabins and cottages.Golf, hiking, biking, surfing, and other coastal activities are all attainable in Manzanita.The nearby small towns of Nehalem and Wheeler provide a handful of vacation rentals providing easy access to fishing, crabbing and kayaking along its beautiful rivers and scenic bay estuaries.This secluded seaside community of 500 has a 9-hole golf course.The Manzanita golf course is an easy-walking course with tree-lined fairways.

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