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We are a bit expierenced in this area on how to locate the fakes. Most swingers unless you dont have pics on your profile that show what you really look like wont ask for more pics.

They dont want them cause they want to see the real thing.

I think there are ALOT of fakers out there in Swingular land.

We will be offering HUGE discounts to members with our travel agent partner.

We get thier number cause it is obvious we are real as I said. Or have the money to go out and buy one for I think the crapiest is 20 bucks. Also real swingers dont get upset at the fact that they are challenged on being real. We have called people out and they have gotten pissed.

We are new to this site but another site we are on we have over 20 validations. It is rather funny cause that is the biggest red flag of all.

) I mainly use the site now for the forum, hopefully I will be proven wrong. The 'one and done, "we already have all the friends we need just bend over and take it"' crowd and 'the more friends the merrier, in fact "we prolly won't fuck you until we know you a little better"' group. In fact we're pretty much here solely for the friendships. But it's not our raison d'etre cuz we can always go home and enjoy the hell out of banging each other. - We love to sext and hve fun over long distances at times - Some of us old-school swingers simply prefer the old fashioned practice of sex in the same room, naked, with everyone touching.

~K~ Swingers in the Mountains - - Is there really a swinger's convention in Alta right now??? - - I the male half have had enough of this crap and i am starting a bill to have drinking campgrounds and family camp grounds and to outlaw intox and noise after 11pm in family campgrounds . And i want everyone to join in on this one and work as a team on a issue we as swingers can take part in and change and make it better for all of us . Uriah Escort Couple - - If you are doing research as to the viability of the concept as a business opportunity or just because you think it might be exciting then I think that yes it would work. Really, someone who is interested, but cannot be associated with the lifestyle would be your most likely client. There probably are, right here in Salt Lake City, more than a few ultra wealthy, attractive, intelligent men, deeply affiliated with the predominate religion that might just really go for it.

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