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While his reputation describes him as the epitome of a professional, it doesn’t exactly take away from the fact that he’s one lucky bastard.

Tavakoli is a plastic surgeon who works on revisions, face lifts, Brazilian butt lifts and most notably breast augmentation.

With a Google image search, one of the women turns out to be pornstar Megan Summers.

Any number of spammers and hackers might have created the profile with Summers' photo; it could be a housewife using the likeness to boost her appeal or conceal her identity.

A mother protects her stepdaughter after the teenager witnesses the murder of her best friend, but is soon forced to come to grips with the terrifying possibility that her stepdaughter may be the real killer.

Kaylene Larsen's dream finally came true: beautiful twins from an in vitro procedure.

The final blow to the remnants of the male ego to be around such an action: neposlushnika grab her hair and push the bottom to go to the cry: “You ohrenel!

To humiliate through the use of padded diapers, or traditional nappies and the crinkly sound of plastic pants.Your profile, cupid preferences, photos, and videos, plus any privacy settings and/or billing information, have been securely transferred to Friend Finder.The item you've requested contains mature content that may not be suitable for all audiences.The Czech resistance in London decides to plan the most ambitious military operation of WWII: Anthropoid.See full summary » Colombian drug kingpin Jesús Morales secretly pays for the services of a sniper nicknamed "The Devil," capable of killing one-by-one the enemies of anyone who hires him.

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