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I figured it would take the wife and I several "Sessions" to get it all the way in me.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to find a guy to stack up against this marvelous toy. Well after buying several different toys I decided to start with the biggest yet realistically possible to use we tried a couple different ones but to me she didnt seem to be completely satisfied , when this one arrived I was like WOW if she cant handle this then this is starting to get expensive trying to find the right one , well that evening I told her I ordered something and it had arrived .

It also compresses inside her while balls (with a harder push) reach her clit.

So she swallows this dildo literally down to the balls and only at this point she cums hard.

I would recommend the UR3 for the most realistic feel but this one is not bad it is soft rubber feel yet firmer and more sturdy than the ur3 material .. It is the largest thing she'll ever have had (it's 8 inches around and truly larger-than-life), and proves what guys like me don't want to admit, that large penises do give women superior pleasure and orgasms.

The silicone is too soft on this dildo, it bends easily on a hard push.

It is indeed super realistic and my saliva is the only lube needed. The outer skin moves nicely and the vein details are just hard enough. Topco's Main Attraction is the same diameter at its widest as this is at its narrowest. If size and stretching is you’re thing you have to have one of these. It could even be better if had a vibrator inside..! VERY realistic and a huge turn-on for me while washing it up. The next day my arm was sore but not my pussy, so we did it again. Sharon The John Holmes UR3 dildo is great the feel is awesome it feels like a real cock... It is lifelike, warms up and lubes up nicely and is BIG.

Once it gets wet from her vaginal juices it stays wet and slippery all the way through until the end. It is 7.25 inches in circumference just under the head so it’s no impossible to get in, it starts getting bigger from there. I wish the Natural had it's surface and a suction cup it would be the perfect dildo. My wife has become a size queen over the last year or so. When I got tired I watched her fuck herself with it. We tried it out and I liked it and so did hubby who was sliding it in and out. When he got tired, I took over and fucked myself with it. I love it...girth is perfect but the lenght is a little long..ill keep trying..UR3 warms up pretty quick to body temp...which I thought was a clean and it is very soft yet very firm..suction cup works great can use on many flat surfaces..(Bedpost, Showerwall, Chair, Floor)or even in your Bed the weight of it is perfect for Riding Like a Cow Girl in the Ladies youll love men that like anal you might want to give it a whirl.... I have always had a big tush, but that never stopped me from enjoying my husbands 6 manhood. I guess I was pushing down on it because it went in deeper and deeper.

If she sits on it I must hold it for her and again down to the balls she goes. I think we are going to work on pushing the balls inside her too, I'm not kidding she's super lose and deep. She loves fucking the big dildo and I will fist her later. It´s like a real cock, and it´s perfect for all that like big/giant dildos! We had eight darling children which realy didnt help matters as far as my size. I had him try a penis extension which made him about 9 long.

I am wondering if this is OK for her vagina and if there is a danger for her cervix when she fucks herself so recklessly on this dildo. If this toy was more rigid inside and had some kind of spine it would make such a difference in ease for the deepest vaginal penetrations (we haven't tried it anally). The UR3 material is by far the most realistic to the touch and sight. I have 5 dildos bigger than 9 e thicker than 2, and John is becoming my favorite for anal pleasures! It´s soft and thick, I use whith lots of warming lube gel, what gives an extra sensation! I would have loved to have another four or more kids. I liked that, but he came up with the idea of buying this toy. When it arrived, I was suprised about the size of it. It just fealt so real and after a while it didnt seem to be that big.

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