Sexy fem bot

But while the gynoid captures a certain futuristic angst, always slightly beyond experience, other forms of erotic fantasy are more present if not necessarily incarnate.

One contemporary form is thoroughly disembodied: the designed voice.

So designers create endless mini-Frankensteins, molded ostensibly to serve, while in actuality incarnating, and disseminating, the desire of their creator.

Consider the familiar example of the , Fritz Lang's 1927 proto-sci-fi classic.

Apparently the anonymous programmer of the on-line chatbot is heavily influenced by the femininity of soft-core porn and has programmed his (only a man could conceive of such a creature) army of airheads with a vocabulary ladened with ’s punctuated with a dizzying panoply of emoticons.

She’s a babe spun from code with a pornstar handle – think Sexy Kitten or Sultry Sarah – senselessly babbling in algorithmic banalities.

The emblem of the algorithm is the vaguely homoerotic, smooth-jazz tones of HAL9000 in Stanley Kubrick’s (1968).

Presumably the chatbot is designed to conform to a set of predetermined desires – selected from a seemingly random list of radio-buttoned “turn-ons” – but even radically changing profiles, intentionally adopting distinct personae, does little to disrupt the litany of prefabricated come-ons: Come chat :) Come say hello Don't be shy! That seems to be the pinnacle of engagement and the level of cyber-discourse plummets from Michael Rock 2009 We create in the friction of competing desires.It is impossible to erase the presence of the designer in the objects we bring forth.The voice gives him gentle reminders – “Time to get up, sir” – and helpful, if dispassionate, information – “Self-destruct has been cancelled.” Hall enters into a flirtatious repartee with the fem-phantom until interrupted by the system supervisor. As it’s the result of a program, the algorithmic voice is purely a reflection of longing of the listener as imagined by the programmer.The emotion and empathy Julie Seitter brings to her performance must be simulated.

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