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Because of this help she had very dignified death and funeral.Soni Lakava Kamble' s mother, Lakava Kamble, and Soni's two sisters, Paru Lakava Kamble and Malawa Kamble, have folded their hands with gratitude for the support and tender care that was rendered to Soni .I discovered this: Mother Lakava is living with HIV/AIDS, but still she works as a sex worker because of the acute poverty.After the customer goes the pimp takes his share, $.50, from her.

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Abraham said yes to God because he knew that God would not lie.They visited her home at the request of Pastor Timothy to deliver food.We have admitted Soni Lakava Kamble in the Panchgani Hospital for HIV/AIDS treatments.After an inquiry to Compassion, we heard that she is doing better, but takes medications that make her feel very weak.I have been doing a lot of research about her community online and have found a lot about the amazing ministry of her church to the women and children in the Miraj Red Light District I even found these pictures of our precious Soni on the Facebook page of a church who sent a team to her community.

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