Situs cam to cam

Consider it a form of internet speed socializing or internet speed dating using your webcam.

It's 100% FREE, secure, and best of all, no registration is required!

In general, if your camera/DVR supports MJPEG or JPEG (snapshot), in other word, it could be accessed via Firefox browser without installing any plug-in, it's highly possible that could be supported.

If you have purchased the app before in WP7.x, as long as you are using the same Microsoft account(aka Live ID) on your phone, your paid status will be taking over to the new phone. I have spent a lot of efforts and investment (mostly for buying testing devices and cameras) on audio and so other key improvement (such as H.264), and this is a way that hopefully to keep the development and maintenance going forward. You just need to pay once, even with different foscam types.Personal videolink has additional amazing feature -- you can receive video calls directly into your browser!Perhaps Batman would pick up this videolink to talk with citizens of Gotham: Thats how all people see page of Batman: So in case of emergency anybody can just talk with Batman via videolink instead of using old school spotlight.Senstic is a software company that develops sensor-based solutions for consumers and consumer products.Senstic provides solutions that run on your mobile computers, PDA, mobile phones and other portable devices.

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