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Founded in 1943, members of this Southern California group investigate all forms of reaction based vehicles: solid/liquid/hybrid.Their cur-rent very ambitious plans include orbiting the first *completely* amateur satellite with a vehicle based on the "10K" (10,000 lb thrust) LOX/Kerosene motor now in development.From von Braun: The BIS cancelled their journal to devote more funds to projects, but membership quickly dropped. Developed GIRD-9 world's first hybrid, GIRD-10 liquid Merged with GDL to form RNII email from Bill Colburn 12/31/01: GIRD was almost an identical case to the Vf R. Very nice "Baustein Cards" Von Braun German Army Air force: From "200 Miles Up" by Vaeth p 143: German Me-163 powered by Walter HWK 109-500 motor burning hypogolic propellants: C-stoff = Hydrazine Hydrate, Methyl Alcohol, potassium cuprocyanide, and water T-stoff = concentrated Hyrdrogen Peroxide Penemunde group (previously at Kummersdorf): Tech Director Werner Von Braun, Director Walter Dornburger (Info from "200 Miles Up" - Vaeth: A-1 4' long 330lb, 1933, gyro stabilized, LOX/Ethyl Alcohol, 650lb thrust A-2 1934, gyro stabilized, LOX/Ethyl Alcohol, 650lb thrust, 1.5miles altitude similar to Goddard's rockets of the time A-3 21', 2' dia, 1650lbs, 1937, 3,000lb thrust, molybdenum control vanes (melted) A-5 (next after A-3) 2000lb, 10/1939, used graphite control vanes, increased diameter, better controls, parachute recovery. A-6 A-7 A-8 A-9 A-10 ------------------------- From email from Bill Colburn 12/31/01: The Vf R was very productive; quickly moved from "powder" rockets to liquids.Korolev and friends eventually worked for the military and were also responsible not only for space vehicles but for MAN IN SPACE. Was shut down by the Military which desired that all rocketry be done by the military at which point they recruited the best and willing of the Vf R (von Braun et al) Here amateur activity progressed in a continuous fashion from primitive experiments to space vehicles. College at Kilgore, Texas (1958), and again at Louisiana Polytechnic Institute (now Louisiana Tech) at Ruston, Louisiana, (1959-'63), configured that way.I was President of the American Amateur Rocket Society chapter at both places and founded both clubs.[Bill thinks he is the "last member standing"] (From a Rocket: From: "Bill Bullock" bpbullock_at_LARIBAY. q=amateur organization&hl=en&group=rec.models.rockets&rnum=7&selm=9507232133. [email protected] amateur group whose purpose is to orbit a small (10" to 16") telescope for use by amateur astronomers.

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They launch in the Mojave Desert from facili-ties leased from the Reaction Research Society (q.v.).From email from Bill Colburn 12/31/01: The British Interplanetry Society tried some Black Powder rockets early on and then decided to become an organizatiosn of rocket theorists. 10,800lb LOX, 8,500lb Ethyl Alcohol (from potatos), 55,000lb thrust, 3600mph (=1mi/sec).Surely some of their members were in the British rocketry community eventually. Clark, of course, is one of their most famous members. A-4/V2 46' long, 5'5" dia, 8800lb empty, 28000lb loaded. 465hp (fuel 270hp 300psi, LOX 190hp)Turbo pump weighed 330lbs, powered by 370lb H202 & 29lb sodium permanganate, 3800 rpm. 140C skin temps 10/3/42 A4 to 60 miles first real successful flight.For more info there is a message on the Pacific Energy voice mail system which can be accessed after 6 PM (Pacific time) on weekdays and any time on weekends (213) 725-1139, ex 777. It is currently trying to arrange a Get Away Special container for a space shuttle flight. The Australian Rocket Society produced the stamps used on the rocket mail.The Secretary is Marcel Verhoef, Delft University of Technology, who can be reached at: Rocket and Space Foundation P. Box 314 3350 AH Papendrecht The Netherlands Internet: [email protected] email from John Stuart: experimental rocket launches held in Queensland Australia from 1934 to 1936. While I have spent quite some time searching the web I can only find information on the mail carried by the rockets and nothing about the rockets themselves.

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