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(Sometimes Margaret Thatcher becoming Prime Minister in 1979 is considered the start, especially in the UK.) Culturally, the decade lasted roughly from Disco Demolition Night on July 12, 1979 and the murder of John Lennon on December 8, 1980 to the release of Nirvana's album on September 24, 1991.Thanks to a common twenty- or thirty-year lag, it's still The Eighties in much of Fictionland.Le Tibet est le plateau habité le plus élevé de la planète, avec une altitude moyenne de 4 900 .Sous l'appellation « Tibet historique », cette aire, revendiquée par le gouvernement tibétain en exil, est composée de trois régions traditionnelles : l'Ü-Tsang (dont la plus grande partie du territoire est comprise dans la région autonome du Tibet), l'Amdo (éclaté entre les provinces du Qinghai, du Gansu et du Sichuan) et le Kham (dont le territoire est partagé entre les provinces du Sichuan et du Yunnan et la région autonome du Tibet).The Eighties also had the highest murder rate in U. Watergate & Vietnam in the US and a severe economic recession in the UK) still kept them at odds with one another.

However, this still looked better than the often-fuzzy antenna-based picture before cable.Although The '70s and The '90s are gradually returning.See Also: The Roaring '20s, The Great Depression, The '40s, The '50s, The '60s, The '70s, The '90s, Turn of the Millennium and The New '10s.The conservative political culture of the era meant two rather contradictory things for the production of pop-culture; on the one hand, the surge of private enterprise together with new media technologies allowed corporations such as Hasbro an unprecedented ability to build massive franchises around their products, typically with a TV show and accompanying toys, but on the other Moral Guardian complaints would challenge the ethics of making a show that was "essentially one large commercial." The result was the rather spoof-worthy And Knowing Is Half the Battle segment common to many mass franchise shows, shoving an Anvilicious moral into the action.Fortunately, these were conveniently located after the actual plot, so kids could just turn it off at that point and run down to buy the toys. Politically, the first part of the decade, Cold War tensions continued to escalate such as the US doing things like invading Grenada and the Strategic Defense Initiative.

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