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Navigation in the Aegean, has been testified by the tools made of Melian obsidian which were found in Franchthi Cave in Hermionid (at the eastern coast of the Peloponnese, a distance of 80 nautical miles (approximately 150 kilometers) from Melos.Tools made of Melian obsidian also found on Crete (Knossos) and on Cyprus, substantiate the existence of sea routes in the Aegean from the Early till the Final Neolithic (6800-3200 BC).The hull is defined as low and flat, having one extremity rising and always equipped with a projection or "spur".Locomotive force is provided by numerous short strokes understood, due to their great number, rather as paddles than as oars. One of the very early representation of boat in the Aegean area is a graffito from Thessaly dated around 4500-3300 BC.You can shop our edit directly from the links in the carousel below to get your hands on our top picks for maternity wear.Cheska is most known for her role in the original Made In Chelsea episodes, playing Binky's furiously protective friend.During the seventh series of season she was seen delivering the bad news to her pal, that then-boyfriend Alex Mytton had cheated on her Made In Chelsea and she has so far been seen meddling in her close friend Binky Felstead’s relationship with Alex Mytton.Binky has since moved on with Josh 'JP' Patterson, and the couple welcomed baby India this year, who will surely become a play pal for young Charlie.

Evidence for ship construction in Aegean Bronze Age comprises 358 catalogue entries, these being 44 models, 173 linear representations (wall paintings, vase paintings, incisions) and 141 glyptic images.One of the earliest cycladic Type I ship representation is on a fragment of white marble from Naxos dated around 2500-2000 BC. Stern rises near vertically, surmounted by appendance departing obliquely aft to level out to horizontal at half its lenght. Another early large Aegean Type I ship is represented in this Cycladic terracotta "frying pan" from Syros dated around 2500-2000 BC.Two oblique projections from hull, understood as tholes. This multi-oared galley has a long vertical prow with a fish symbol mounted on top, perhaps acting as a wind vane to detect wind direction relative to the vessel.The brunette beauty announced the birth of little Charlie on Thursday, in a sweet Instagram post, sharing a glimpse of the youngster's leg.Announcing that she had welcomed a baby boy, the close friend to new mum Binky Felstead, revealed she had named the tot Charlie.

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