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A former boyfriend said: 'She was a flirt and moreover she was just a superficial young woman.Melina was lovely and attractive, but she wanted money and people who had money.'It was all about money with her and she was dating older men too because they had the cars and the power to give her the lifestyle she wanted badly.'That meant the best restaurants and having nicely done hair and the finest clothes.' He said he had kept in touch with her through Facebook and raised an eyebrow at her lifestyle, which included travelling to the best holiday spots in the world.'It was money that drove her, and if she did that smuggling it just shows that money can't buy you happiness,' he added.She later agreed when she was told she could enjoy a free holiday after learning that another person had dropped out.'I was meant to just be there and look like I was on holiday and look like a cover for everyone else.

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The judge blamed Roberge's actions on a desire to take selfies 'in exotic locations and post them on Instagram to receive likes and attention'.She's the model who fist rose to fame as the winner of Australia's Next Top Model in 2011.And on Thursday, Montana Cox flaunted her impeccable physique as she enjoyed some beach time at Sydney's Bondi.Lagace previously said she was angry to have been involved with the 'dirty, filthy drug trade'.'This will haunt me for the rest of my life...I have embarrassed my family, my friends, myself,' she said.

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