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She said when she said deeper John started pushing and twisting the bottle harder and harder going in a little at a time till the whole bottle was all the way in her pussy, then he started fucking me with the bottle slowly at first and then as I got to enjoying it more he fucked me harder and harder with the bottle my pussy was coming off the floor as I moved up and down to meet the bottle.

He fucked me for about ten minutes till my white cum started oozing out of my pussy I told them to put the cum covered bottle in my mouth and I wanted to eat my cum so they stuck their fingers in my pussy got my cum all over their hands and made me lick them clean.

I moved closer to the tent so I could hear what was happening.

I heard her ask what they were going to do with the coke bottle.

I heard her take a deep breath I was picturing one of them sticking a dick in her.

The tent started moving again after a few minutes I heard Sandy say deeper John, deeper harder.

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They took turns sucking on her tits rubbing her pussy and kissing her you could see their slobbers on her face form the kissing.They helped her pull her tube top back up zip and button her shorts and they headed toward their tent, I watched as they walked arm in arm to their tent when they got to the tent Jim and John went around and lowered the window flats unzipped the door Jim grabbed a small coke bottle off the table John put his arms around her and started kissing her she put her arms around his neck and kissed him back, they opened the flap Sandy walked in the tent she slipped out of her shoes before she entered the tent, when they got in the tent John zipped the flap back up I knew at that point Sandy was going to get screwed at least twice.I watched as the tent started moving I could see their silhouettes through the tent.I knew what they were doing to Sandy when she said its your turn to fuck me with the bottle Jim.It didnt take Jim long she said he jammed the bottle all the way in my pussy in one hard push and started fucking me, he fucked me till I came again She said they made her eat her own cum again although it was her idea.

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