Target registry not updating

there is no customer service, no One in store who can help you if there is a problem.

Then you have to call a number to handle any issues. I can see how people gifts they requested got messed up and literally triple bought.

The registry was also showing the incorrect merchandise and not what was supposed to be on there. When I called customer service, they told me there was nothing they could do if my guests didn't opt to write a message.

So now we are either getting double or triple of things or the wrong things! In a very awkward position now not knowing who to thank for what. For example, we were bought two vacuum cleaners because target didn't list it as bought once someone had purchased it.

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VERY upset Bride to be The wedding registry was the worst thing I have ever had to deal with.Did you know that Bed Bath & Beyond gives us however many we need, AND they're pre cut, so all we have to do is tear them out?Did you also know they offer FREE gift wrapping with our in store wedding gift purchase?I have several engaged friends and I will make sure they don't use target. It is so embarrassing, not just for the bride who has to haul everything back to the store for exchanges and store credit but for the purchasers. Not that this list needs any more similar comments, but AVOID TARGET'S REGISTRY!!!My wife and I used the wedding registry and did not receive about half of the 80 items we registered for, despite the website saying they were "PURCHASED." If it simply said "reserved" or something a little less misleading I wouldn't be quite as frustrated.

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