Themathofdating com

Translated into dating, a thick markets represents a wider, more centrally located user base.

You are more likely to find a potential partner in New York City than in the middle of America.

When you open any dating apps, you are displayed with users located within a certain radius of yourself.

Like economics, successful dating is more likely done in a thick market.

(For more, see: .) While many apps use their own variation of a match percentage, it is only useful if potential suitors are within your area.

Subsequently, GPS components locate and connect users in similar areas.

By definition, thick markets are ones which have a concentrated number of buyers and sellers.

While each platform has its own merits, a large user base provides more opportunities for connections.In the past five to ten years, algorithms have been adopted by the financial sector and numerous other businesses that affect everyday lives, including dating.The traditional means of meeting and dating are slowly being replaced by websites and mobile apps.This percentage is a mathematical representation of potential happiness with a given user.To reconcile false matches, Ok Cupid uses a margin of error which calculates the highest possible match percentage for a given number of questions answered.

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