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The flip side is that the lunacy of running becomes more apparent when your partner is a nonparticipant.

After all, who returns home from early morning races, your significant other still fast asleep as you furtively climb back into bed like a sweaty philanderer.

Now, what you'll notice is that guys can be categorized by which trait is most dominant in them.

So if you want to change your character, change your beliefs about what risk means to you. Now, let's take a closer look at each guy by paying attention to how he responds to risk, and the effect it has on women...

And since, today, women have equal opportunities as men for seeking financial security, she can give herself the only thing Nice Guys have to offer. Women sleep with Smooth Guys because they know there will be no strings attached... They know the guy won't pursue or judge them afterwards. When you ask the Cool Guy about dating advice, he says, "Live your life on your terms.

one moment they may be passive, and the next, aggressive. I'm that desperate for affection." They focus on being validated by women... They're successful at bedding women and giving them sensual experiences. They know what they want and pursue their ambitions, and they have high standards and expect the best. and women will show-up and try to invite themselves in." What he really means is, "Women are an addition to my life. But they definitely make it more fun." Cool Guys offer women EVERYTHING! I'm passionate about becoming the very best communicator I can possibly be.

My wife and I have a deal: every time she joins me for a run around the park near where we live, I buy her flowers.

I’m still not entirely sure why I agreed to this, but so far the arrangement hasn’t driven me to destitution. Being a runner who lives with a non-runner has its upsides.

And naturally there are also three corresponding reasons why women want these traits in men. Ultimately, what women want in men is to have their needs and desires fulfilled. In today's civilized world however, safety isn't really that big of an issue anymore.

I'll sacrifice my own identity to feel close to someone. Smooth Guys offer women stimulation because they are IMAGINATIVE. Often, we know them as "that jerk", or "that asshole"... Like Bad Guys, women WIN them, because Cool Guys are authentic, genuine, and real. Click Here to Learn More Ways to Deal with People Effectively About the Author: Hi, my name's Keenan Cullen, and I hope you profited from my article.

So what you are actually seeing is always a clever disguise that covers their perceived weaknesses. Like Nice Guys, they don't like risk but they'll take it if they're promised a guarantee. If they think they have a 'fail-safe', they'll take it. When you ask the Smooth Guy about dating advice, he says, "Use manipulation to seduce women." What he's really saying is, "I don't feel that I deserve a woman for who I am. Women are attracted and become attached and addicted to these guys. Then there are the guys who have all these traits integrated into their character in a balanced way. And they are passionate, but they don't let it control them. They have backbone unlike the Nice Guy, they're creative like the Smooth Guy, and they control their emotions... What women want in men, ultimately, is a man who has all these traits. When it comes to their approach to women or dating, they decide to give women chances -- if they like what they see or experience. He can be nice, he can be smooth, and he can be dangerous... What women want in men is the character of a Cool Guy.

Lest anyone should accuse me of not knowing how to show a girl a good time: on a recent visit to California, we spent the better part of an hour driving around a desert town in search of a 400-meter track. To say this is a form of reparations is not strictly accurate, since I do actually want to learn—or, rather, I want to already be really good. I’m starting to think that maybe we should take up badminton.

But figuring out what women want in men is crucial to becoming effective not only in dealing with women, but developing the kind of Dating Life you really want.

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