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What I want to happen is if the magazine isn't downloaded, a download will commence when a cell is tapped and a progressview will appear in t So I haven't done this yet, I'm trying to play out how to do this.So I make a UITable View and each cell has an associated NSTimer.please don't flag duplicate there few questions similar this, mine issue bit different.i'm stuck @ updating uiprogressview progress 2nd time when navigate specific uiviewcontroller.In view Did Load method, we start a timer to update the progress view’s progress value every 1 second. And once the progress view is completely filled (value at 1.0), we remove it from super view.This can be used in projects where the task is determinate, in the sense you know how many seconds remaining, or how many bytes upload pending etc.

Activity Indicators should be shown when your app is running a long process, but you don't know the exact length of time the task will require.

I created a simple singe view based project for i OS.

Have a UIProgress View dropped on to the view controller’s view in the storyboard.

Also make a IBOutlet property to update the progress view’s value.

The complete code listing for the view controller is provided below.

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