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Nicholson is, however, only one half of this extraordinary couple.

As the other half, Keaton, having been handed what is clearly the role of a lifetime, has never seemed so natural and self-assured on screen.

She has outrageous fun exploring the phenomenon of middle-aged men cavorting with women half their age.

Jack Nicholson, known in real life for doing just that, has a great time poking fun at his own public image while, at the same time, providing a richly textured portrait of a man who may not be quite as shallow as his persona would suggest.

Thanks to the quality of the writing and the performances, ' Something's Gotta Give' takes its place among the great romantic comedy/dramas like ' Two For the Road,' ' Annie Hall,' ' When Harry Met Sally' and ' The American President.' That's mighty august company indeed.

TNA was formerly four separate organisations: the Public Record Office (PRO), the Historical Manuscripts Commission, the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) and Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO).

Though, on the surface, she appears confident and in control of her life, Erica is, underneath it all, a woman wounded by past experience and intimidated by a culture that expects women to be put out to pasture the moment they reach middle age.The site was originally a World War I hospital, which was later used by several government departments. Until its closure in March 2008, the Family Records Centre in Islington was run jointly by The National Archives and the General Register Office.The National Archives has an additional office in Norwich, which is primarily for former OPSI staff.When he so unexpectedly finds his head turned by a vibrant, attractive and intelligent woman in her 50's, Harry, a middle-aged Lothario who finds he needs Viagra to help him keep pace with his youthful 'conquests,' is forced to re-evaluate what has hitherto been the defining philosophy of his personality and lifestyle.Nicholson is magnificent at showing us the profound confusion his character undergoes as he takes those much belated but faltering steps into adult maturity.

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