Updating a resume

For example, a serif font for headlines and a sans serif for the body.” 6. “In this era of technology, the first filter your resume must get through is a digital one,” shares Nick Murphy, Founder and CEO of Mid-America Careers.“Resume databases and applicant tracking systems will search for keyword matches between your resume and the job description you’ve applied to.It’s not enough to simply list job duties and responsibilities.Today’s resumes also need to give specifics on what you did, how you did it, and what results came about to help the employer.This information is what will appeal to the hiring manager and it’s what will distinguish you from other job applicants.But for most employers, before the hiring manager even gets to see the resume, all resumes will go through the ATS to get ranked so there are two audiences to impress the computer and the hiring manager.If you are in sales, for example, using terms like quota, enterprise sales, territory, book of business, net new revenue, Presidents Club, etc.

But even if you aren’t pounding the pavement for a new job, there are actually quite a few perks that come with jazzing up your resume.

Provide insight to specific experience, skills and accomplishments that demonstrate you are good at what you do and that it can be transferred over to benefit the next employer.

Make sure it communicates your value proposition and distinguishes you from the hundreds of other candidates.

Not only will it help you better quantify your achievements and equip yourself with more ammo when asking for a well-deserved raise, but having an updated and stylish resume could even help give you the courage to apply for that seemingly out-of-reach dream job that pops up when you’re randomly checking Linked In. If you’re looking for an easy way to update your resume, Allison Tatios at Elevated Resumes suggests adding your Linked In URL to your contact information.

In order to make life easier for busy gals everywhere, we tapped some resume experts to give us the deets on nine easy ways to restyle your CV in under 10 minutes. Format it with the actual link (e.g., linkedin.com/in/allisontatios/) and “if applicable, add links to your other social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or a personal blog.” Hey, you’ll never know what can happen when you save the hiring manager a Google search! Adding color is a great way to make your resume pop, but make sure you don’t go overboard.

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