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Anthony’s have been collaborating to transition to new systems, processes and other elements of the Mercy brand.The new name will become official at the same time St. The hospital’s new name follows Mercy’s identity standards, introduced in 2011 when Mercy adopted new names and a common logo across its seven-state area. Anthony’s Medical Center will have a new name: Mercy Hospital South. Anthony’s Board of Directors approved the name change earlier this month and co-workers learned of it at recent town hall meetings.Battlestar Galactica Deadlock The Broken Alliance is out!

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“As a cornerstone of our identity, the Mercy name signifies a commitment to provide a unique, consistent and high-quality experience everywhere we provide care.” Since announcing the affiliation, Mercy and St.

All hospitals within the Mercy system are named “Mercy Hospital” followed by a geographic designation such as a community name. Anthony’s decision to affiliate with Mercy was based on their shared mission, values and heritage as Catholic health care providers and commitment to providing high quality, compassionate care, according to Mike Mc Curry, Mercy chief operating officer and St. “Moving forward with the name change signifies that we stand together as a united ministry, both in mission and now in name,” said Mc Curry.

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