Updating cabinet hinges barnsley chronicle dating

They’ve been nice and white for a few weeks now and I am still blown away with how much brighter and more up to date the whole room looks.Today I’m back to share the second (much faster and easier) phase of updating the cabinets: updating the hinges.

I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as writing about my experience.After going to the local farmers market in town 2 weeks ago, my daughter and I went into Wilsons True Value Hardware to buy a bag of sand for our outdoor fire bowl. I am still in the process of painting, but have gotten this half of the kitchen completed.While we were there I looked at the cabinet pulls they had in stock and found a hefty looking pull that I liked and that was also long enough to cover the old holes. I didn’t buy them right away as I still wanted to see all that True Value sold online when I got home, I went to True and looked to see what else they had. Since I was just replacing the hinges, I didn’t have to drill new holes for the new ones in the cabinet doors.I am not kidding when I tell you that was holding many of them together. I took care of switching out the new cabinet hardware, but to install the new faucet, I gathered all the needed materials and called on my installer… Installation of the new faucet was a breeze, the hard part was removing the old one that was pretty much fused in place. After the faucet was installed, I went to work on the hardware. As I started to put the new hardware on the cabinets, I realized the antique white paint on the cabinets was looking dreary against all the white accents and trim with which I have been painting the first floor of my house.So I decided some new jewels for my cabinets was in order and a pretty new faucet. One thing led to another and since I had to remove every cabinet door to replace the hinges, I decided to just go for it and paint my cabinets white – pure white.

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