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This page provides an overview of the different repositories maintained by the Eclipse project, and their corresponding location and retention policy. See the online help article Adding a new software site for instructions on how to add a new update site to your Eclipse installation. To save space on mirror servers for rarely requested downloads only about 2 of the most recent milestones will be kept on "downloads" server, older ones may be moved to "archives", temporarily, until formal release, when they are removed completely.

Note, all milestone builds and release candidates, except the last one, are removed approximately one week before a formal release date, to free up space on and mirror servers.

It also allows to run Gradle tasks and monitor it execution.

To compile Android projects with the Eclipse IDE, you can use gradle-android-eclipse plug-in from https://plugins.gradle.org/plugin/com.greensopinion.gradle-android-eclipse.

Congratulations and a big ‘thank you’ to all the diligent Eclipse committers and contributors that made the Oxygen version happen, great work!

The Clean Sheet Update for Eclipse Oxygen primarily ensures compatibility but provides also a minor facelift and bug fix. Note that this release drops support for Eclipse Mars (4.5).

Unless you're really looking for Eclipse Project Platform artifacts, you're probably more interested in looking at the release of the Simultaneous Release which coordinates the release of multiple Eclipse projects and of Eclipse IDEs Eclipse Project builds are stored in p2 repositories that are produced as part of the Eclipse project build process.

For more information about installing or updating software, see the Eclipse Platform Help.

There is also a collection of handy, downloadable all-in-one packages available for many interests and platforms.

At that time, then the composite on the server is changed to point to the N 1 repository instead of the N repository, so those using the non-versioned URL do not need to change their software repository lists or scripts.

In other words, the contents are identical to their current, versioned counterparts, but the URL stays the same.

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