Updating house wiring

Within the walls of the new building, male patients were able to make brooms, rugs, brushes, carpets, and do printing and bookmaking.By 1895, the State Lunatic Asylum was operating at 325 patients over capacity.Each ward was designed to accommodate 20 patients, with a dining room, exercise room and activity room.

Upper floors in the center section contained apartments for employees, and the third story contained the amusement room and chapel for patients.Cots were set up and taken down on a daily basis on the hallways, and were not able to be cleaned between uses.Patients often soiled themselves during the night, and the cots were simply handed out again the following evening. By 1901, the new dormitory building was completed and quickly filled, slightly easing crowding issues.Patients worked on the farms growing and raising food and performed hard labor tasks in the clearing away of building debris, excavating for roads, and sodding grounds.The plan of the institution called for carriage drives ending at all doorways, and a central road leading up to the front entrance flanked by trees on both sides.

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