Updating kernal

Ukuu is maintained and developed by Tee Jee Tech’s Tony George.

It’s a Gtk UI and command line tool, so you can use it on Desktop and Server editions.

Some popular OSs that use the Linux kernel are Ubuntu, Cent OS, and Debian.

Speaking of Linux, the Linux kernel - created by Linus Torvalds - is a monolithic, Unix-like kernel.

uname -msr The output will show your machine's Linux kernel version as well system architecture.

updating kernal-42

Cent OS 7 is using 3.10 as the default kernel version.

You don’t have to deal with all the hassle to update your Linux kernel.

By using Ukuu (Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility), a simple app with clean GUI, you can install d by Canonical.

The first thing we must do before upgrading the kernel is to upgrade all packages to the latest version.

Update the repository and all packages to latest versions with the yum command below.

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