Updating lilo conf

Included is Apache, Lighttpd, Open SSHD, Samba, Pro FTPd, My SQL, Postgre SQL, Open NTPD, vsftpd, WU-FTPd, DNS BIND, NSD pdnsd See: Guide to linux configuration files/Servers /etc/Here are a very long list of config for many Window managers.

Included are After Step, Awsome, Catwm, Enlightenment, Fluxbox, Fvwm95, Gnome, Herbstluftwm, Ice WM, Ion, JWM, KDE, Matchbox, Mosterwm, Motif Window Manager, Musca, Open Box, Open Look Virtual Window Manager, Open Look Window Manager, PMWM, Pawm, Pek WM, QVWM, Sawfish, Snapwm, Tab Virtual Window Manager, Tab Window Manager (TWM), WMFS, Window Maker, XFCE, Xmonad, echinus, evilwm, fvwm2, fvwm, i3, ratpoison, spectrwm, subtle, wmii, and more See: Guide to linux configuration files/Window Managers /etc/configures the behavior of the running Unix kernel.

After some time I found that there's a site with it but the problem was that it was some specially patched lilo version, so I had to find it first.

I remebered having an animated lilo bootsplash (xray-blue) several years ago and decided that I want to check if it's still possible.

Anyway - i think 'from_' cheats may be not easy to understand for novice users (who may not even know what UUID is) so let's go with Kriss suggestion: porteus-v1.1-i486for 32bits and porteus-v1.1-x86_64for 64.

@brokenman i'll send you all the updates fro rc2 in about 10 hrs.

bootsyslinux.sh/is only for FAT filesystems, while this one should # work everywhere.

I wasn't able to get patched sources anywhere to try to compile static lilo binaries. I've tried to look for such patches, but the closest one I found was this one, and It didn't worked (I got no graphics after applying it to official lilo-22.7.3gz).While GRUB is the default bootloader for Red Hat Linux, LILO is still in fairly common use.When you recompile a kernel, you should set up your bootloader to boot from either kernel, as though they were two distinct operating systems.Although bootloader updates aren t a part of the make process, the steps you need to update either bootloader are fairly straightforward./etc/passwd is the user authentication database, it contains a list of users and their associated internal user id numbers.

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