Updating old chandeliers

I’m not talking about just spray painting the chandelier and using it as a chandelier but the ideas that totally transform the fixture to the point it isn't recognizable.And since you always see these types of lights at thrift stores and re-use centers I thought I would share some of these great outside of the box ideas in one place.First, my original inspiration piece: this gorgeous Glass Mirror from Sarah M.Dorsey Designs: Or what about this fantastic Style Mutt Home Lamp (which actually doesn’t require you to take apart the glass panels!We worried that the watered down paint would look lighter than the ceiling color, but if it is we haven’t noticed.

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She transformed it using PAPER: And here it gets a traditional lantern look on 320 Sycamore: A Pottery Barn Inspired version from Remodelaholic (yes, seriously, this was an 80s brass and beveled glass ‘before’): Here Beckie replaced the glass with paint sticks: Can you believe this is made out of rope and HULA HOOPS!!?That center post, however, was problematic since without buying a shorter one, I wasn’t going to be able shave much of the height off.I contemplated hacksawing it shorter, but then I realized I needed the threaded area right at the top of the rod to screw it back together in the end (hack-sawing it shorter would have removed that threaded area). Rather than use that threading (#1 in the pic below) to reattach it to the loop on top (#2) so that it could attach to the canopy piece that screwed into the crossbar (#3) to that loop, I could just screw that threading (again #1) directly into the crossbar itself (thereby shaving off the height of the large loop).It’s a “Preval Sprayer” that we bought for less than , which promised to turn any paint (plus water to thin it) into spray paint. There isn’t much direction given about how thin the paint needs to be.It took LOTS of trial and error (and mess) to get it thin enough to finally spray at all and once it did, well, it was super runny and we ended up needing to add more paint to thicken it back up again.

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