Updating server extensions

Download the latest update from the VS Code Marketplace.

Thanks to your help, the mssql extension has hit an awesome milestone of 1 million downloads in less than a year since general availability announcement on May 1, 2017.

After the extension is enabled, to fix RDP settings in future either call the cmdlet again or restart the VM.

Read the extension Reference Name and Version from the output of the following cmdlet: Get-Azure VM –Service Name –Name | Get-Azure VMAccess Extension Get-Azure VM –Service Name –Name | Set-Azure VMAccess Extension –Reference Name –Version –Disable | Update-Azure VM Logoff/Login to the VM to disable VMAccess.

Before discussing about VMExtensions, let's look at how additional software gets onto Iaa S Virtual Machines today.

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Over the past year, the SQL Tools team has prioritized bringing our new tools open source, and using the Github Issues page to help drive priority has become common practice.BGInfo : BGInfo is an extension that writes useful server information to the desktop as a wallpaper.If you create VMs from Portal you already get this extension.Bginfo and VMAccess are the first ones out there and we hope to have a few more in the coming months.Stay tuned and hope you’ll come back to this blog to learn more about any new VMExtensions.

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