Updating the content type failed infopath

If you publish a form template to a server that is running Windows Share Point Services 3.0, you can also do the following: Publish a form template as a site content type When you publish a form template as a site content type, you enable users to assign multiple form templates to a single document library or to assign the form template to multiple libraries across a site collection.

A site collection is a set of Web sites on a virtual server that have the same owner and share the administration settings.

When you publish a form template to a document library, every form that is created in that document library will be based on that form template.

Publishing a form template to a document library lets you quickly deploy a single-use form, such as an informal survey to capture restaurant preferences for a team lunch.

I just had this problem not too long ago and this method of publishing helped since we were republishing to a form library.

I've compared the settings configured in this form to other successful forms I created that are working with the a Share Point Form Library, but I haven't seen any differences.

I also have full control permissions on the site and library I am trying to publish to form to. JPG I removed all of the field columns and I was then able to publish the form.

It appears that some of the information is being published to the library - for instance, when I look at the library's settings, the data fields have generated the columns.

However, these columns did not appear to be generated when looking at the "All Documents" view in the form library itself.

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