Updating url icon

If not, you can always navigate to a site with the original icon and copy the URL to replace it on your site.A warning concerning using a relative URL for the site icon is geared toward your IT professionals.Whether markers animate their zoom with the zoom animation, if disabled they will disappear for the length of the animation.By default it's enabled in all browsers that support CSS3 Transitions except Android.If enabled, panning of the map will have an inertia effect where the map builds momentum while dragging and continues moving in the same direction for some time. Enabled by default unless running on old Android devices.Fired when the user pushes the right mouse button on the map, prevents default browser context menu from showing if there are listeners on this event.For example, if you created subdomain named “My Joomla Site,” append the “My Joomla Site” folder name to the URL path in the code.

Microsoft has given helpful guidelines in the instructions and suggests a 60-x-60-pixel size.

If you use Joomla for your company website, there might be a time when you need to move the site to another server if, for example, you change hosting companies.

Other times, you might simply want to move the installation from one folder to another on the Web server.

For example, if the server uses a folder named “WWW” to store the Joomla files, change the “public_html” value to “WWW.” For a server that uses the “WWW” folder for the Joomla installation, the lines of code in the “configuration.php” would appear as follows: var $ftp_root = '/WWW'; var $log_path = '/home/WWW/logs'; var $tmp_path = '/home/WWW/tmp'; 7.

Extend the directory path in the lines of code if you want to move the Joomla installation to a subdomain or another folder on the Web server.

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