Updating windows 95

This can be verified by looking at the logs and finding where I logged in to Bleeping Computers.

You will see that the OS is (or was) Windows 98se (because that information is sent to the server every time I do something).

Since a couple of the answers are not exactly right - I thought I'd reply. It IS compatible with any website currently on the internet BUT it may not run all of the content on those websites. This was done so older web browsers would not crash when they come across something they are not capable to handle.

(ie: I'm sticking my foot into a possibly hot water situation.) First - there is nothing wrong with using Windows 98 (se or otherwise). For instance - I am typing this from my Windows 98se Firefox browser.

I just formatted a Windows 98 computer and reinstalled Windows 98 SE and it runs worse than it did when ran with all the junk from the guy who threw the computer out on it!!!

Windows 95 was succeeded by Windows 98 and all support from Microsoft ended by late 2001.

Google only brought up a bunch of fake, broken, or microsoft links that claim they aren't supported...

there has GOT to be an unofficial download somewhere where I can get these!!!

An improved help system was provided with a help window which could provide information in the content window.

The "plug & play" feature was introduced, which allowed automatic recognition of hardware.

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