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What do entrepreneurs and researchers need to engage in research and drive innovation in Alberta? This session will focus on the development of PGX Technology in partnership between University of Alberta and CEAPRO INC. "We can all recite the recipe for a promising healthcare venture – groundbreaking technology, an “A” team, savvy investors, an unaddressed market need, and a great idea that’s just too good to fail.

as a case for shared investment in research and innovation that creates positive net impacts for Alberta."In today’s global economy, exciting new technologies are changing the way we do business and are blurring the lines between what were previously seen as distinct industries and sectors, and divergent goals and outcomes. But history is littered with examples of a “sure thing” gone awry.

Environmental innovation and clean resource innovations to reduce costs seem to be two major themes in the industry.

What should the public understand about the importance of innovation in the oil industry?

The need to do better is not just environmental–Alberta’s industry has to continually find innovative ways to remain competitive in a global, low-carbon commodity market.

Effective environmental scanning examines both quantitative and qualitative changes.

Ultimately, you should create a set of key environmental indicators—internal, external, qualitative and quantitative—that you believe have the most important potential impact on the work you do.

Some have already transformed the way energy companies operate and interact.

However, as the focus on energy efficiency intensifies, the impact of these technologies on R&D is yet to be fully explored.

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