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They only have 1 or 2 types of HBA they support, so their testing matrix is small.

The disk vendor will turn around and sell that device to them with a specialized firmware load that meets all their needs.

Now repeat that procedure for a totally different OEM with very different requirements.

You now have 3 versions of the same disk, all slightly different.

This isn’t anything specific to an OS or an OEM, it’s industry-wide.

Let’s say vendor A has a very popular model of disk. They sell hardened systems that get installed on oil rigs.

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Any external dependencies aren’t necessarily guaranteed, and often need to be tuned and configured to work properly in a customer environment for the best experience.You should post your snap on all of your other social media sites.I am trying to have upto four people conferenced on I-Chat.In the previous blog post I discussed the high-level ideas behind our solution validation program, and the technical merits it accrues for people who buy and use those solutions.Building on those concepts, I’m going to dive into one particularly thorny integration challenge partners face when creating these solutions.

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