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My reply: Hi Jamie, thank you for your kind words and it is mutual appreciation as you good people in SE25 have give me a lot.Ofcouse i follow Palace closely and even it seems not the best at the moment, i think there is enough will and faith to turn it around again.Yes i am back home and things work a bit differently here than in Germany... You have a remarkable carrier and that is something I know as i follow english soccer at maximum.sorry that you werent able to come to see training, next time then. Posted by:kari ([email protected]), 24/08-2009 Onnittelut nimityksest! up the palace :) My reply: Thank you so much Will, i always have a warm feeling when i hear about Palace or from you true Eagles fans. You will be a remarkable addition and you will be treated appropriatelly as you deserve for a player to a caliber like you.Tarkoittaako tm sit ett Finskill ei en koskaan nhd pespalloviivoja futismatsissa, toivottavasti nin! Stadion voi kaupallisesta toimia vain olemalla monitoimiareena, jonka pkytt on jalkapallo. Posted by: Will Eldridge ([email protected]), 21/07-2009 hey aki :) i am a massive Crystal Palace fan and have been all my life (which isnt too long since im just half way creeping through my teens) Anyway, everytime i saw you play i was entertained and because of this you are my footballing hero ( sorry if it this fact makes you blush a little) Anyway i have two questions. if you were out of contract and palace offered you a deal, would you take it or would you be scared to go back and not be as effective as before? when you retire if you stay in football would you consider any role at selhurst park ? Palace will be always with me but at the moment i feel right to be at home where my family is after 13 years abroad. Posted by: Lari ([email protected]), 01/07-2009 Nin HJK:n fanina olen hyvin surullinen jos et liity raitapaitoihin .... Come and lead the team to the promise land (Greek Super League) and then of course stay with us to close up your carrier in the most beautifull city of Greece.Olemme valitettavasti viel toistaiseksi sen verran kaukana ideaalimaailmasta suomalaisessa jalkapallokulttuurissa, ett joitain kompromisseja on pakko tehd. Tai toivottavasti ihmiset on niin viksuja, että ne älyää pitää sut täällä. Best regards and take care yourself no matter what decision you make. My reply:hi akis, even though there is something very similar with our names but i think it is time to stay home after 13 years around the world.

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Posted by: Thomas ([email protected]), 03/06-2009 Hej Aki Jag har vl egentligen ingen frga utan bara lite saker jag vill sga.Har vldigt svrt att tro att du skall ha tappat s otroligt mycket under din skadeperiod att du inte skulle tillfra rets lag ngonting.Jag hoppas att det r Zoran som hllt dig utanfr laget och att nu nr Andree r kvar som ensam trnare frlnger ditt kontrakt.My question is based on the current goings on at Palace and what you make of them?Do you keep an eye on the current situation and how does it make you feel to see the club in such difficulties?

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