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We talk about wrestling a lot together and he has an amazing mind for the business, but he is also an incredible person. He is so motivating and helps me believe in myself." Possibly working WWE NXT: "I think I would do well there.

The women there are killing it, and empowering and building up the women would be a great role for me. She has so much energy and passion, and the people feel her energy and feed off that.

More information can be gained from popular site wiki and she can also be followed in her Instagram and twitter account.

You're never fully satisfied or fulfilled in wrestling until you get to the big leagues. I've never stopped learning, so I'm glad I have not worked there yet.She's so great at expressing herself, and she's so genuine.Nattie Neidhart is also someone I'd love to work with.On the following week's period of Impact Wrestling, She scrapped The Dollhouse again, merely to be supported by Angelina Love and Madison Rayne, thus join up The Beautiful People.She is a lovely daughter and she has made her parents very proud.

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