Vmware snapshots not consolidating

So I have two parties that are both warning me of production downtime if I don't follow their advice, and I can't very well wait until the next three day weekend to perform VM consolidation.I'm glossing over a lot of stumbling around in the troubleshooting process that my consultant and VMWare Support went through during this time, which inspired in me grave doubts in both of them as founts of best practice wisdom.Unfortunately, this failure to consolidate was not apparent via the UI, and usually only became noticeable to the end user when the delta files grew very large, possibly resulting in a full VMFS or NFS volume if they were attached to very large VMs.Support engineers from GSS (VMware's Global Support Services) would then have you use their many tricks of the trade to consolidate the snapshot deltas into the VM base disk.

If you login to the ESXi shell, and examine the home folder of the VM, you will notice that the snapshot delta file still exists.

And of course you could also consolidate the delta disk(s) using Power CLI using $VM. Thanks to my colleage Alan Renouf for the Power CLI guidance.

This new feature should save you a lot of time when dealing with any future snapshot consolidation issues.

Obviously, I wouldn't have hired a consultant if I were a VMWare guru, so now I look towards this community for advice.

Consolidate option in the drop-down menu of Virtual Machines in v Sphere 5.0, and are probably wandering what the use case is.

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