When to move on dating

Does he give you a reply or does he ignore what you said, as if he wishes it never happened?Does he tell you that he’s not sure what he wants, or does he tell you he’s ready to take things to the next level? He may be all in, which is great, or he may not be ready yet.He got mad at me because I accused him of being standoffish and treating me like I had done something awful to him. I began to focus on myself (working out, getting more involved in the community, and just becoming more active).He flaunted his relationship in my face by bringing her shopping in my community. Turns out the women left him after she cheated on him.Most women would’ve been climbing the walls after a month or two.You were right to hold off having “the talk.” Far too often, women jump the gun and scare men away.

In an effort to do things differently, I have pretty much not allowed myself to overreact.You win by getting a committed relationship, but what does he get?Will it be more time with you, more sex, a happier you?He started dating someone else and they lived together.I backed off and gave him space since it was me that ended things although a part of me feels as though he walked out before I put it in words.

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