Who is craig horner dating shiri appleby dating zach braff

Horner exposed his feeling of affection for performing after coming into view in school productions of a midsummer night's dream and the maids.In adding to his performances, Horner's other artistic talents take account of playing the guitar and composing the lyrics for the music.It looks like Craig does not have time to do anything else while he is filming in the television series because he has to be working until late and that leaves no time to travel back to his family.

He is best recognized for playing the role of Richard Cyber on the TV series of the legend of the seeker.

Craig Horner is an Australian actor and musician who first appeared in the Australian television program Cybergirl.

He was born on 24th of January in 1983 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

It appears that the actor that has taken up a role in one popular television series has been linked to his co-star of the same television series.

It looks like these rumors spread because they play a couple in the television series so they are linked in real life.

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